VANCOUVER ISLAND, British Columbia (Gray News) – Who needs cougar repellent when you have heavy metal.

Dee Gallant was out hiking late last month when she “felt a funny feeling.” She turned around to find a big cat stalking her and her dog Murphy.

“I told him off and even used my mean voice, but he just kept staring at me,” the 45-year-old said on Facebook. “I videotaped him a while, but when he wouldn’t leave even after calling him a ‘bad kitty’ I figured I better try a new tactic.”

That’s when Gallant opened her iTunes app and dialed up some good headbanging music – Metallica’s “Don’t Tread on Me.”

“As soon as it started to play it, he buggered off into the bush,” she said. “I guess he didn’t want to eat anything that leaves a Metallica taste in his mouth.”

But Gallant’s story doesn’t end there.

News of her deed soon reached the band.

“Just got a message from Metallica’s artist liaison ... asking for my contact info so a band member could reach out to me !!!” Gallant posted to Facebook. “It’s happening, OMG I’m more nervous to talk to Metallica than I was facing a cougar!!!”

Soon, Gallant was messaging on her phone with the band’s lead singer and guitarist James Hetfield.

“Texting with my buddy James,” she said. “He is so cool omg!!”

Rock on, Dee, Rock on.

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