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Some songs just give you that eerie feeling and here is the one that does it for me.

Music Guru and writer states:

In the late 80's music was going through a weird transition of hair metal and ballads to acoustic sounding songs and dark stories (either super heavy metal or easy going vibing music -- no in between). Suzanne Vega grew up in Santa Monica and later on moved out east to NYC. Her sound is impressive because, she gives a ultra modern and timeless sound in her voice. She spent time in theaters acting and preforming in front of crowds -- she's not afraid of crowds to say the least.

Her 1987 classic tracked right away,  she wrote her wordy a cappella tune "Tom's Diner" in 1981 during a visit to a diner in her neighborhood, the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

What I love about the song is that it tells a very normal story about a normal experience, very mundane experience.

And I look the other way
As they are kissing their hellos
And I'm pretending not to see them
And instead I pour the milk


Roll Tide.

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