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Hip swayin' God Of Lust is on the menu today, so buckle up your seat belts and make sure to bring a towel. I'm here to tell you my Oma's infatuation with 'The King'.

Growing up, I spent a lot of time at staying with my Grandma, we just called her Gene. She is still an awesome grandma who was stern, loving and quiet. Being around her was like being completely meditated (maybe she dosed my milk with whiskey, you never know) our days together consistent of  bowling, rollerskating going to the zoo, eating sundaes and watching the Dallas Cowboys. The things I would do to go back in time and do all those things with her again.... But there was another perk hangin' with grandma....  She has a twin sister that we called 'Oma' which translate to 'grandma' and she was a ball of fun with a dynamite pack strapped to her back. She still is the most energetic person I've ever met. She's the type of person to fake a fall in Walmart and cause attention then do a double somersault. She's a 16 year old delinquent stuck in a 80 year old body.

Whenever we went to her house, she always had the record player rollin'. She played two things-- gospel music and Elvis.... She was the one to tell me about 'The King' telling me "how sexy he was" and "he's the only person that can wear all black". Which is funny because a large portion of my wardrobe is all black. With all that being said, here's the song that takes me back to hanging' with Grandma and Oma.

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