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Some songs make you remember your past. There's one song that always reminds me of video games.. Not just any video game, Guitar Hero 3... The mecca of instrument video game. When Guitar Hero came out in the mid 2000's, it had people hooked. The fact that your controller was a giant guitar that you could be a SG, Les Paul, Strat or any variation was so frrriick'n sick. Also, you could unlock 'legendary' guitars in the game via missions make you think you're a God among rock peasants.

Playing 'Guitar Hero'  had a lot of classic rock, pop, funk, blues and jazz songs that everyone knew and loved. But in each game there were 5 or 6 songs from artists you had no idea about. And one of those bands for myself was 'Muse'. The moment I played 'Knights of Cydonia' on Easy Mode, changed my life completely. Rock N Roll meets space cowboys on a mission to save there planet with some cool undertones of oldschool movie references that I understood at a young age. That song opened up so many doors for me music wise. After learning of Muse, I started listening to Cake and then started listening to ACDC. Whenever I hear 'Knights Of Cydonia', I'm still that same kid who imagines himself in a space shootout surrounded by aliens and intergalactic banditos after my bounty. The kid will forever live inside of me.

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