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People say, never meet your hero's. Whomever said that obviously has some pretty crappy people they look up to.

Working in radio, you get the pleasure to meet so many great acts and artists while working in this industry. Perks are everything in this industry, but one perk I never take for granted are the chances to interview great people. I've interviewed Heisman Trophy winners, Nobel Prize Winners/Nominees, actors and so many musicians. But one interview that I always go back and hear, is the interview I did with Charlie Daniels about a year ago. He was going on tour for his 62nd consecutive year and wanted some air time on stations and media platforms around the globe to get the word out that he is touring yet again.

At first, I was very confident I already knew who he was as a person, I was dead wrong. I pictured myself talking to a hick redneck with an attitude. But what I got was a kind heartened man who loves his family and his God. Receiving the news that he passed Monday was tough, because I knew he was actually a good man. Not some guy faking to look like a good soul. He was a genuine soul and person. That's hard to find nowadays. If you'd like to listen to the interview I'll leave it below.

Roll Tide.


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