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A majority of songs need lyrics to express the artist's feelings and emotions, but this song brings so much jazz and blues flare it's perfect without a single lyric.

I have a group of guys here in Tuscaloosa who we regularly jam three to five days a week, for me it's like therapy. All the guys come from around the world. India, Nepal and Texas.

Our lead guitarist is a middle aged man named Achyut, born and raised in the low valleys of Nepal sitting at the foothills of the Himalayas. Born in a third world country, family forced to farm and get by with the bare minimum. He first found guitar while studying in China, his whole life he had a fascination with guitar and the structure of music. He once told me the first time he ever saw a guitar was when he was 10 years of age visiting his uncles house, "The curves of that guitar had me in awe and I wanted to own one so damn bad".

After studying in China he then moved to France to further his studies. After being there for a few years, he settled in with some indie-jazz rockers who showed him the techniques to play and understand the music in a whole new way. Then a few years later he found his way to the University of Alabama and now is studying to get his masters in engineering.

Life has twists and turns that we cant expect, but we can bring a few items or ideals with us everywhere we go to make things a bit easier.

This songs represents friendship and how life is full of unexpected changes.


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