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On Tuesday, May 26th 2020, Rabren General Contractor and GFC Construction will begin construction on University Blvd to replace the University Blvd sanitary sewer line. Construction expected to be completed by July 29th, 2020.

Construction will occur from the eastern side of the intersection of Audubon Place and University Blvd to the eastern side of the intersection of Reed Street and University Blvd.During construction, this section of University Blvd will be restricted to one-lane of travel.

Access to public streets and private driveways, which intersect this section of University Blvd will be maintained during construction, except when work occurs in driveway. GFC Construction will provide one week of notice to private property owners regarding the specific time when a private driveway will be closed.

If you have any questions regarding this notice or construction, please contact RJ Thompson at GFC Construction (205)758-1948.

Will the city of Tuscaloosa always be under construction? It sure looks like it. Laureen Blvd has been worked on for almost three years now, little insane and un-called for but really we are only citizen, so what does it matter. All these projects can benefit and ruin life here in Tuscaloosa, so called double edge sword to be honest. Yes we are maintaining our streets, pipes and infrastructure but we are putting peoples times and livelihood at bay for these companies. Let's hope this finishes on time and a managed manner.



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