This is the most wild song that changed my life, made popular in the cult movie 'The Big Lebowski' it always had a special place in my cold heart. Without being said, it's a cover of one of the greatest and most well known songs of all time. Growing up I never was exposed to Latin or Spanish music, but hearing the passion, the nylon strings and instruments that I'm not used to hearing, It made me so interested.

The three thing I find so fascinating about it is.

  1. The band, The Gypsy Kings, took a whole new take on it, threw some minor chords in, maracas and a upright base that seals the deal.
  2.  It's in Spanish.
  3. Probably one of the easiest songs to dance to.

Cuando viene despacio
Del tumba de verano
Aquel era pa recordar
why otro pa olvidar


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