As we all know, It's Christmas season, during this time I always reminisce about my Christmas's of my childhood. Which were pretty badass. One Christmas that stood out to me, was at my Oma's house, I had to be 4 or 5 at the time. My Oma has always been the life of the party and hardest drinker in the family. A little background, each Christmas the adults drink a little to much eggnog and dance to old music.

I remember dancing to this song and falling in-love with it immediately.

Looking back, I think I've always had a thing for a good saxophone solo and a cheesy riff. It's not an interesting song but, it takes me back to the days were Oma would scoop me up and dance till her earrings fell out.

You guys all been good And practicing real hard Clarence, you been Rehearsing real hard So Santa'll bring you A new saxophone.



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