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It's 2020: you cannot rule anything out yet. Hell, Auburn could win a national championship. I wouldn't put my life savings on it, though.

But, some strange things are coming out of 2020 and I got a good one for you.

I was reading an article from a very strange site about the rise of the 'medical mask' fetish. I would tag the website but don't want to get fired for it...we all know the drumbeat and the black and yellow logo. There's your hint.

So apparently a growing case of this funny fetish is on the rise because the coronavirus has everyone wearing a mask. So, I asked around my friend group about what they thought of it and lo and behold, one of my friends actually is into it.

In his words: "For the longest time, I thought there was something wrong with me and I came to the conclusion, I'm a normal guy with a different taste."

It's kind of touching, to be honest. We're all little crazy and off our rockers – so own your weird side.

At the end of the day, learning about the 'medical mask' fetish and how it's on a 120% rise of viewers (probably from the coronavirus actually happening), it shows that we shouldn't judge people by their preferences of what gets their rocks off.

The exception to this is pedophiles. Turn yourselves in, please. Like, right now.

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