So, I was at home last night, parked on the sofa, watching the tube, when all of a sudden, a Dos Equis Commercial came on. For years, I've been a fan of their Beer, and their, "Most Interesting Man In The World" Commercials. So, I sat up and took notice, because the Dos Equis company last year parted ways with The Original "Most Interesting Man In The World", (Jonathan Goldsmith), when they sent him off to Mars. He was replaced by a New, Younger Guy, 41 year-old  French Actor/ Director,  Augustin Legrand, and I was curious to see if he could fill the MASSIVE shoes of his predecessor. Verdict? I don't think he can......Here's the commercial I watched.

All I can say is: FAIL! This Guy simply doesn't posses The Swagger, The Sophistication, The Suaveness, The Debonairness, nor The Vocal Delivery, of The Old Dos Equis Guy. I mean, THAT guy had more personality in his pinky, than this Doofus does in his whole body!  Plus, he looks like they found him sleeping in a Bus Station overnight somewhere! He just doesn't exude COOL like the Old Guy did!.....See For yourself!

My Recommendation: Dos Equis needs to FIRE the Ad Executive that hired this guy, KILL The New Dos Equis Guy off, and have the Old Guy return from Mars to save our planet! Because, quite frankly, THE NEW DOS EQUIS GUY SUCKS!

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