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During this whole coronavirus crisis, a lot of things have slipped through the cracks, media-wise that is. Things should have been reported that unfortunately didn't get the recognition they truly deserve. This is why I'm here to tell you about Vic Henley.

This Alabama native was born in Oxford to his mother Gloria Henley Klein in 1962. Unknown to some, Vic laid the pavement for the success of future Yellowhammer actors, comedians, dancers and musicians. The man was a multifaceted genius. In tragic fashion, we lost Vic on April 6 of this year. I'm here to make it known that this man is truly Alabama.

According to his website, Vic was a part of the comedy game for over 30 years. He shares a byline with iconic funnyman Jeff Foxworthy on their best-selling book, "Games Rednecks Play," and he saw airtime on more than 10 different major television networks. Some of his appearances include performing on Comedy Central, The Late Show and The Tonight Show.

The man lived, breathed and took pride in being a native of the state. Very funnily, he would make stereotypical jokes that the northerners would eat up like candy.

His legacy is ingrained in the thoughts of many prominent comedians, who took to Twitter to pay their respects after he passed.

We the people here in the state have to give this man a lot of respect and props for representing Alabama in such a graceful manner. Let it be known that Vic Henley is an Alabama Treasure.


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