Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and in the South, breakfast means one thing: biscuits. Check out our list of the 5 best biscuits in Tuscaloosa. 

5. The Waysider

This Tuscaloosa institution is still serving up the biscuits and gravy that fueled the legendary Bear Bryant. Good luck trying to get in for brunch on a Sunday in football season!

4. Hardee's

They keep it simple at this fast food joint, but the biscuits still slap.

3. Babe's Donuts

You might be wondering why a donut shop is on a list of the best biscuits in town, but hear me out: their chicken biscuit is the thing of which dreams are made. The chicken is crispy and smothered in this like sage honey sauce, and (heavy breathing) it's amazing.

2. Jack's 

Three words: Pork. Chop. Biscuit.

1. Milo's

Oh, man; I am ride or die for biscuits from Milo's. Where else can you get a Conecuh Egg and Cheese biscuit? Also: there aren't many restaurants at which I would order a plain biscuit, but I do it regularly at Milo's. I'm a sucker for these fluffy carb clouds.

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