Target announced today that the company is unveiling a new fashion line dedicated to plus size women. AVA & VIV, the new brand, is slated to hit Target's websites in February and be in stores by March. 

AVA & VIV was launched with the help of fashion-forward bloggers Chasity Garner, Gabi Gregg, and Nicolette Mason. The collection looks pretty amazing--and it's a far cry from what the company currently offers (which is basically some brightly colored sacks and tarps). I'll be hitting up the Target site when AVA & VIV debuts in February 22. I'd tell you that I'm making a special trip to the store when the collection is available, but let's be 100: I'll be up in Target anyway...

What do you think of AVA & VIV? Are you impressed with Target's new plus-size brand?

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