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The University of Alabama released a statement to their students in regards to possible "Hybrid Classes".


Many variables, including the course topic, the class size, the current environment, expert guidance, etc. One example may be a large Monday/Wednesday/Friday lecture class where social distancing is required. A third of the class may attend in person with seating spread at least six feet apart on Monday, the next third attend the classroom on Wednesday, and so on, while video capture and recordings remain available to all of the enrolled students. Will all courses be hybrid? No. We are planning for in-person classes where possible. Nobody can predict exactly what the health environment will look like later this fall, and we must be nimble to adjust to changing circumstances. We are cognizant that risk mitigation can be achieved with prudent planning. Such planning includes social distancing, the use of masks and hybrid and remote delivery for appropriate classes or segments of courses.


The grading scale will be the same, but certain precautions will be put into place halting plagiarism and cheating measures.


At the end of the day, students will still be gaining knowledge from our great university in a NEW and Powerful way of learning. The safety of the students at UA are the lifeline to the Tuscaloosa economy. Healthy students mean more $.


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