I recently found a new gourmet ice cream shop here in town that you need to know about.

Steel City Pops is located on University Blvd right across the street from the Children's Museum in downtown Tuscaloosa. With more than 10 flavors and amazing customer service, they are unmatched here in T-Town.

They have three different types of pops to fill your satisfy your sweet-tooth.

Here are the types of pops:


Fruity pops are fresh fruit based, non-dairy, and vegan friendly


Creamy pops are primarily dairy based. similar to ice cream,  They are creamy and have an ice cream-like smoothness to their texture.


Cookie pops are dairy-based. They include a house-made, gluten-free cookie inside.

When I went their for the first time last Saturday I got the Vanilla Bean creamy pop that is out of this world. It's smooth and sweet combination will cool you off on the hottest Alabama summer day.

My girlfriend got the espresso coffee pop that would categorize as a creamy pop. The most unique thing about her pop was, it had grounded down coffee beans that were edible and located in the center of the pop.

Tuscaloosa is truly blessed to have a true gourmet pop place here in town. These uncommon luxuries in town are truly forgotten and taken for granted. During these tribunal times we still have to help the Tuscaloosa economy buy shopping and buying local EVERYDAY, no exception.

If you want to show how 'Tuscaloosa You Are' go help a local business today and say thank you for still being operational

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