Get ready for a night of incredible stand-up comedy at Druid City Brewing Company this Wednesday, February 6th. Stand-Up Tuscaloosa's monthly "BrewHaHa" showcase kicks off at 8 p.m. at Druid City Brewing Company, located at 607 14th Street in Tuscaloosa.

Here's more about this week's event from its official Facebook page:

People of Tuscaloosa, this is the big one. We are so excited to bring y'all a pair of Nashville legends, Dusty Slay and Hannah Hogan. Hannah will be familiar to those who attended our March 2018 BrewHaHa, and you may recognize Dusty from his YouTube show "On the Road with Dusty Slay," and his recent appearances on The Tonight Show and Jimmy Kimmel Live. Featuring local favorites Randy Ford, Caleb Garrett, RJ Marchand, and Richard Lockhart. No need to beat around the bush, this show's gonna be a doozy. Pack your party bags.

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