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Time Is Running Out To Apply For Your Absentee Ballot
Time is running out to apply for an absentee ballot. Many are concerned about showing up to the polls to vote for the upcoming July 14th Primary Runoff Election. You can stay safe by casting an absentee ballot. You won't even have to physically show up to the polls. The office of Alabama Secret…
Open Discussion On Community Policing With West Alabama Officials
Since moving to Tuscaloosa I've noticed that a lot of people in the community don't feel like they're heard by officials. With the killing of George Floyd jump-starting the conversation of race relations within our community, elected officials and Mayor Walt Maddox will be holding ope…
Secretary Merrill to Testify Before the U.S. House Committee
Elections are a hot topic as we approach the Alabama Primary Runoff Election. Amid concerns of contracting the Coronavirus, many people do not plan to show up to polls to vote. To combat that, Alabama Secretary Of State John H. Merrill recommended people fill out an absentee ballot. Merrill is takin…
Test available to those who meet official State testing guidelines. Test are limited, insurance information will be collected.

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