As you may know, when I'm not on the air, I can usually be found playing one of my guitars. I've been a Lead Guitarist in various bands before, and even sometimes in conjunction with my radio career. I consider it my "Serious Hobby", as I still try and get in a couple hours a day of playing time. As a guitarist, I've been called "Different". (Even without a guitar in my hands I've been called "Dfferent". :-) However, now I have Scientific Proof that we, Guitarists, are indeed "Different".

In a 2012 study, Researchers looked at the brains of guitar players. 12 pairs of Guitar Players had their brains scanned while playing the same piece of music. During this experiment, Researches found something interesting happening to each pair of the participants, Their Brains Were Synchronizing With Each Other. Which means they were able to connect with each other, simply by playing music. Researchers also discovered that Guitarists have a "Higher Intuition", which is defined as “the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning” and this is exactly what’s happening when two people are playing the guitar together. The Researchers found that not only did their brains synchronize with another player, but they also anticipated what was to come before and after a set of chords without consciously knowing. They were literally reading each other's minds! I guess that you could say that they were truly in "tune" with each other's emotions. :-) Researchers also discovered that Guitar Players Use More of Their Creative, Unconscious Brain.

For further results of the study, and more info read HERE

So, there you have it! We, Guitarists are truly "different", and now Science confirms it! And I'm proud to be included in this bunch! Yeah Baby!!!

In celebration of the Scientific Findings, enjoy this Big Noodle Lou "Backyard Guitar Video" from last spring.....ROCK ON!

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