Hi there!  I'm starting to find and make my own little routine here at the New Star 101.7 and everyone I've talked to is SO VERY NICE!  Thank you for making me feel SO at home here in T-Town!  THANK YOU!!

I may need your help.  Okay, I totally need your help!   I obviously can't leave my studio from 9 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon. I bring my lunch and snacks with me.  If I can remember not to leave my entire cup of coffee on the counter with a too ripe banana that by the time I get to Tuscaloosa just isn't very appetizing.

When you can't leave work, and you've decided to call out for lunch, who do you call to deliver....that's healthy?   See, that's the catch.  I gotta get in shape, so I gotta eat fairly healthy.

Help me, please!

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