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When I was a kid, bring lunch from home was a necessity and to be honest pretty mundane. But on the off chance of of bringing $2.50 to school for the 'luxurious' school made lunches were a rarity, I'm here to tell you why I was DEAD WRONG.

My average packed lunch was a ham sandwich, a Snickers bar (thanks, Dad) and Chex Mix. Looking back, my dog had a better diet and probably more options to get from under the dinner table from my sloppy eating manners. I become so sick and tired of my middle school lunch diet, my mother eventually got me a 'lunch card' for 10 school lunches and I thought I was in heaven.... The most memorable menu I still have locked away in my rotting brain is the greasy pizza square with baby carrots, a side of grapes and a chocolate milk to rinse away the cheese stuck to my teeth.

I thought that was the creme of the crop for meals. But the other day, I was thinking about that meal and started looking up old lunches and what I found shook me to my core... those lunches are actually a disaster on a dish. How could a young Tab think that those were nutritious and haft way decent...

Schools today have options and better catering that I wish I had in grade school and high-school. Luckily, it shows our youth of today are getting treated better than the rapscallions of yesterday.

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