The novel Coronavirus continues to impact literally every aspects of our lives, and to say that we're all stressed would be the understatement of the year.

Does it suck to have to wear a mask? Yes.

Is it fun to know our bars and restaurants are subject to restrictions meant to spread the transmission of COVID-19? Nope.

Will working your full-time job while ensuring your kids are staying on track with distance learning drive you crazy. You bet!

This pandemic is terrible for all of us, but you know what's not going to change ANYTHING for ANYONE? Posting vile and hateful comments about Walt Maddox on Facebook.

I'm never going to challenge a person's First Amendment rights, but some of the comments I have seen about Mayor Maddox make me feel physically ill. You don't have to agree with everything our mayor says or does. You don't even have to like him but OH MAN do some of y'all need to chill.

Slinging vitriol on Facebook doesn't enact real change. If you're mad, call your City Council representative. Send an email to City Hall. Do what, you know, ADULTS do.

Still confused? Check out these suggestions!

7 Things You Can Do Instead of Trolling Mayor Maddox on Facebook

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