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Welcome back to Paradise Presses Play! This week things get crazy, and if you're like me, you'd have no idea what to do if something like this occurred. You're stuck in a mall, and with the clock ticking, you have to find out the truth to a horrific event.

This week's selection is none other than Dead Rising.

Photo courtesy of capcom.co.jp

Story: Willamette. A small town in Colorado. There's not much in this quaint town. The only thing that's big is the mall, and it's what brings many to the city. Frank West, a freelance reporter goes to the town searching for a scoop to make it big. As he and his helicopter pilot fly above, things are completely in disarray.

The army has blocked off the roads, and things are completely destroyed. Zombies walk the ground, bringing with them a sense of danger that Frank was unprepared for. As he enters the mall, a story with multiple twists and turns will take place, and only for 72 hours. Can Frank figure out what caused this? Or has he bitten off more than he chew?

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As you can tell from the outset, you'll be just as confused as Frank when dropped into the Mall. What is going on? Why is there an outbreak? Who caused this? But you have no time to think. Zombies are everywhere, and all you have is camera. Everything you can get your hands on is a weapon, so grab what you can and get to work.

But Frank isn't the only one in the mall. There's survivors to help back to a safehouse. But there's also others who have lost their sanity and wish to harm Frank in his quest to find the truth. These psychopaths will force Frank to fight both human and horror.

Photo courtesy of neoseeker.com

While Frank is certainly trying to find the truth, he's got to take some photos of the situation to make sure his proof is solid. Photography plays a major role in the game, with certain photos holding different scene settings.

Long story short, you've a got short amount of time to figure out what's wrong and try to fix it. You've got 72 hours. Good luck...

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