If you're anything like me, your newsfeed has been filled with variations of the same meme: 'Tell Me You're from _____ Without Saying You're From ______."

I made the mistake of scrolling Facebook before bed, so as I dealt with a particularly nasty case of insomnia last night, all I could think of was that stupid meme and how I would answer if someone made the challenge Tuscaloosa-specific.

Y'all ready to do this?

This is how you can tell me you're from Tuscaloosa without saying you're from Tuscaloosa:

  1. You plan your entire life around Bama's football schedule and can reference said schedule without Googling it because you memorized it the day it was released
  2. You have a favorite Waffle House and refer to it as "the Good Waffle House"
  3. You avoid Target, restaurants, and basically everything on University the week "the students" come back
  4. Mr. Tee has saved your life
  5. You know at least four shortcuts to avoid McFarland traffic
  6. You know it's SKY-land not Sky-LAND
  7. You refer to our Mayor by his first name
  8. Your birthday celebration always starts with pancakes at City Cafe
  9. You have extremely strong opinions re: Dreamland v Archibald's
  10. You remember eating at the "old" Hokkaido
  11. You have a minimum of two Taco Casa hacks (dip the burrito in beefy queso, y'all)
  12. The entire FOH staff at the Avenue Pub knows you on a first name basis
  13. You wait at least 2 seconds before the light turns green because you know literally everyone runs red lights all the time
  14. Orange triggers you for two reasons: Tennessee and road work
  15. Chick-fil-A's being closed on Sundays bums you out, but the only Sunday restaurant closure that truly breaks your heart is Catfish Heaven
  16. People regularly ask you to help them get football tickets
  17. You are immune to COVID-19 and several other transmittable diseases because you used the bathroom at the old Egan's
  18. You miss Big Bad Wolves BBQ nachos with every fiber of your being
  19. You plan your lunch break/commute around the Amtrak schedule
  20. You make the drive to Pearl Garden JUST for the egg rolls

What would you add to the list? Hit me up using our app chat and let me know.

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