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Welcome one and all to Paradise Presses Play! A (hopefully!) weekly post where I talk about a game you should play!

2020 overall hasn't been very kind in terms of celebrating holidays the right way. Halloween certainly will be different this year. Which is why I have just the game for the occasion.

Released ten years ago, it's Costume Quest!

Photo Courtesy of
Photo Courtesy of

The basic premise is this: It's Halloween night, and of course trick or treating is in full effect for the siblings Reynold and Wren. Both are excited to get their hands on all the candy they desire, but are disinterested in spending Halloween night having to go to house-to-house dealing with each other.

After the parents quell the arguments, and pick the leader of trick or treating (which you decide) it's go time for candy and scares. But just as the night is starting to begin, things get too scary and the sibling the player didn't choose gets kidnapped, being mistaken for being a candy corn piece. From then on, it's up to Reynold or Wren to save the night, the candy, and get home before Mom and Dad find out the trouble they got into!

Now we know the goal, now to find out how the game plays.

Costume Quest is an RPG. You run around various places, trick or treat to get candy, and battle monsters. You can run into monsters in the open world, or they can surprise you while trick or treating from house to house. The candy you get can be used to buy stickers that give you various abilities. And speaking of costumes, they affect the gameplay in a BIG way.

The best way I can describe it is like this, remember when you were young and watched Power Rangers? Remember when the bad guy grew ten sizes bigger and the rangers had to form the Megazord to win?

Now imagine that with Halloween Costumes.

Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of

The costumes you get give you different options and characters in battle. For example, the robot will launch missiles as their special ability, while the knight uses his shield to protect.

This game is still free on Xbox Games with Gold at the time of writing, so if you want it for free, you have to the end of the month to nab it.

So if you can't trick or treat, do it virtually, and save the world while you're at it!

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