Has this ever happened to you? You walk out of the store after Grocery Shopping,  you put the groceries in the backseat, you then open the driver's door, you sit in the driver's seat, and you sense that something isn't exactly right. You realize that you're sitting in SOMEBODY ELSE'S CAR!!! Well, it happened to me yesterday. at The Walmart Neighborhood Market on Skyland.

The funny thing is, I should've discovered it sooner. You see, as soon as I sat in the Imposter Linguinimobile, I noticed that I had trouble sitting in car seat, because my knees were pressed up against the steering wheel. Then, I looked up on my dashboard and saw that my Radar Detector, (Hey, I've had enough speeding tickets already), wasn't there. My first thought was, "My Radar Detector has been STOLEN! So, I started dialing the police to report a burglary, and as I'm dialing, I look around and see items in the car that don't belong to me. My 2nd thought was, "Those stupid burglars left their stuff in MY car! The Police shouldn't have a tough time tracking them down". Then, I looked to my left as I'm waiting for my call to connect, and I said, "OOPS! I'm in the WRONG Car!!!" I hung up the phone as it started ringing, because I realized then that I had just called the Cops on MYSELF!!!

In any event, if this ever happens to you, it is an interesting experience to say the least!

Now I just hope that I don't get arrested for "trespassing" in somebody else's car! :-)

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