There's stupid and then there's STUPID, and a driver in Northport this weekend proved that the latter is definitely the most dangerous of the road.

Tropical Storm Claudette stalled over West Alabama Saturday night, and some areas of Tuscaloosa County saw over NINE INCHES of rainfall. I have lived here for over 12 years and have never seen anything like the flooding that happened this weekend.

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There were multiple road closures due to flooding, and many roads remain closed even after the waters receded, including Union Chapel Road in Northport. Part of the road was completely washed out by rushing waters, so city officials put up huge road block signs around the damaged areas.

This, however, was not enough to stop the IDIOT below who decided to drive his/her car AROUND THE ROADBLOCKS. Photos were captured and shared to social media by Nothport City Councilwoman Christy Bobo.

Just... look, y'all.

Like, how dumb do you have to be to do this? And it's not like the driver was in a jacked-up F-250 or a Land Rover--this is someone in what appears to be a 90's model Honda.


What do you think of this absolute stupidity? Message me with our app chat and let me know.

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