So, I got off the air Saturday Night after another triumphant edition of "THE SATURDAY NITE REGRIND W/LOUIE LINGUINI", (and THANK YOU to Everyone who checked in and listened to the show), and I was heading back to The Linguini Casa.

As I was driving to the house, cruising down Skyland Boulevard, I saw the FLASHING BLUE LIGHTS suddenly go off behind me. "Oh S&*t!" I said to myself, as I slowed down to pull over on the side of the road.  As my car came to a complete stop, I saw the officer walking up to my car in the rear view mirror. I rolled down the window, and handed him my Drivers License. The Officer then looked at me and said, "Excuse me, Mr. Linguini,  but have you been drinking?" I said, "No Officer. But I did have a couple Beer Cheese Bacon Burgers over at Hardee's a few minutes ago, does that count?".... :-)

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