Just want to take out this moment to say "Happy Mothers Day!" to all Mom's on this special day! In addition, as a bonus for myself, it also happens to be MY Mom's Birthday! (She says that she's 39, which means that I passed her up in age a few years ago! :-))   My Mom is an amazing Mother, Grandmother, and friend!! Not to mention an Incredible Cook! Her love and selflessness know no boundaries!!  So, to My Mother, I just want to say: Happy Birthday Mom!! I Love you with all my heart!!!

The picture above, has to be one of my ALL-Time Favorite Pictures of us. It's a picture of My Beautiful Mother drying me off in The Kitchen, after giving me a Bath in the old Family Maytag Dishwasher. To this day, I still have a fear of flying spoons hitting me in the forehead during the "Spin Cycle". But that's the price you pay for being "The Cleanest Kid On The Block"....

In any event, "Happy Birthday, Mom!"  And "Happy Mothers Day!" To ALL Moms!

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