Another week has come and gone but not without providing ample amounts of cool stuff to love and talk about. 

First on my list is the new video for  'New Ways to Fail' from Sarah Shook & The Disarmers. Alt-country meets skateboarding... nothing more to say really. Check out their new album Years out now on insurgent country label Bloodshot Records. See the video for yourself below.

New music from Twenty One Pilots! After one complete year of silence, the guys dropped two songs, 'Jumpsuit' and 'Nico and the Niners,' from their forthcoming record Trench, out October 5th! They also released tour dates and will come as close to us as Atlanta and Nashville. Road trip anyone?

Here's the video for Jumpsuit - already spinning heavy on Alt 101.7!

Third on my list is this Tweet featuring former Alabama player and announcer Kenny Stabler. You might be bad ass but never as bad ass as a Hall of Fame quarterback smoking a cigarette in a turtleneck!

Third was finding a copy of the new Soccer Mommy album Clean online for $12 at the Fat Possum Records summer sale! I've spent time with this one since it came in earlier this week. Sophie Allison's voice is both angelic and raw at times when meeting with strong lyrical content and riffs just catchy enough to keep you drawn in.

Bloodshot Records
Bloodshot Records

Other honorable mentions this week:

See you at Sloss Music & Arts Festival this weekend!

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