So, with the consistent rain that fell all day yesterday, I found myself killing an entire Sunday Afternoon watching YouTube Videos. I must've watched at least 75 Videos, but NONE of them STOOD out like THIS video did. It's an incident which took place over The Summer in The Outback, (No, not The Restaurant Chain....The actual AUSTRALIAN Outback), in which a Kangaroo had a Dog in a headlock, and looked to be choking him out UFC style! That is, UNTIL The Dog's Owner interfered in their match, WWE style, and saved they day by STUNNING The Kangaroo with RIGHT CROSS TO THE FACE Deontay Wilder Style! This is TRULY one of the most AMAZING things I've ever seen! I wound up watching THIS video at least 75 more times alone, and one day later, I'm STILL not tired of it! Check it out for yourself!

This is AWESOME on so many levels! First, the man risks his own life to save his dog by being strangled by The Kangaroo. And then, you have the LOOK on The Kangaroo's STUNNED face which is PRICELESS! If I'm scoring this fight, I have to give The Championship Belt to The MAN in a UNANIMOUS DECISION!

But, I also have to give PROPS to The Kangaroo....He sure could take a PUNCH!:-)

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