No one knows the plight of a parent with a sick child like another parent with a sick child.  Most of us feel bad for our children when they’re congested as there’s no cure for a common cold; but what if your child was fighting an ailment significantly more serious… Like cancer.

Such is the case for one West Alabama family.

Six-year-old Ezavier Johnson has been fighting cancer since 2017. It was first discovered by a swollen leg.  A doctor’s visit resulted in a diagnosis of osteosarcoma, or cancer of the bone.  This led to his leg being amputated that year.  Roughly six months into remission, little Ezavier began having issues with his back. He started complaining about having back pains, and on Tuesday, he was rushed into emergency surgery because the bottom half of his body was completely numb.

A tumor was found to be pressed against his spine.  Two rods and screws were inserted to decompress the spine.  However, the entire tumor was not removed.

Take a moment and imagine what you’d do if you were Ezavier’s parents.  You’d be by his side, right?

Well, hospitals servicing critically ill children do all they can to make sure the children’s and families’ needs are met, but they aren’t equipped to provide a stipend for parents who have to miss work. Unfortunately, FMLA allows a parent to take off work without fear of termination, but the parent also has no income during that time.

Times like this one are critical. Let’s show our support of this family!

A GoFundMe account (click here)  has been established with a goal of $2,500 to help the family with living expenses during Ezavier’s hospitalization.  However, if you’re apprehensive about how long it might take the family to receive the funds, feel free to send a donation via Cash App to $LaRodrickJohnson.

$2,500 isn’t much to ask.  Let’s make it happen!

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