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You might have seen this newfound meme online.

Yesterday, a protest was being held in St.Louis Missouri against the Mayor of that city. Protesters broke into a private gated area and roamed around until they found the Mayor's house and held a non-violent protest (no one was hurt, but property was damaged). During all of these events, photos and videos have emerged of a couple holding an AR-15 and a pistol at their footsteps of their own home. The crowd of 200 plus people were parading through a private neighborhood that they had no reason to be their unless they live there, know someone personally they were visiting or had a justifiable reason to break in.

What I see in this photo is three things:

  1. People defending their property.
  2. People using their 2nd Amendment right.
  3. Poor use of gun handling.

If a crowd of people were congregating on my property for a reason that is unknown to me, you bet I'd protect my kin and my property. I would kill and die for the people I love. We all have the right to own guns here in America. A right that has been given to us at the conception of this country. Lastly, If you do own a gun. Only point it at someone if you're intending to shoot, not to petrify someone or some people. Scare tactics with a weapon are a bit cowardly and childish. Take a class to know and respect your weapon, come on.

These people had every right to grab their weapons and protect, but they did it the wrong way. Now they are a meme till the day they die.

The question I leave you is this:

If a crowd of people were on your property for reasons that were beyond you, would you try to protect the people you love and things you worked hard for?


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