Y'all want some fresh new tracks? I am about to hook you up! As Brand Manager for Alt 101.7, I am always on the hunt for the latest and greatest. I find so many incredible new songs that I can't get them all on the air, and sometimes that bums me out; I want to be able to share all my favorite songs with y'all!

This is the debut edition of Hot Wax--your weekly new music source. I'll share my faves with y'all, and as always--let me know what you think. Sound off in the comments below or hit your gal up on Twitter to tell me how you feel about these songs.

Apollo/ St. Paul and the Broken Bones
I have played this one on Alt 101.7 because your girl is a HUGE fan of St. Paul and the Broken Bones. I can't get over how much this song slaps. It's one of those tracks that instantly puts me in a better mood.

Lies/ Culture Wars
This band is out of Austin, Texas, and I can't get enough of their sexy debut single. The production is sleek, and it just sounds so good.

Far Away Truths/ Albert Hammond, Jr.
Albert Hammond, Jr. played guitar for The Stokes back in the day, and this song sounds like the kickass single The Strokes never made. I love, love, love this song.

All of the Noise/ Castlecomer
How fun is this song? I love its upbeat vibe; I hear it and instantly want to get in the car and embark on a road trip with a manic pixie dreamgirl. LOVE. IT.

Body Talks/ The Struts
TBH, I'm about to add this song to our regular rotation. It's such a banger. I love the vintage edge this track has and it just oozes sex appeal. It's like Jet before they sucked.

She's Kerosene/ The Interrupters
How about this ska throwback? The Interrupters sound like they'd be headlining Warped Tour back in the late 90's, but this track is brand new. I love it. It's like No Doubt before they sucked.

Pictures of Girls/ Wallows
You ever hear a song for the first time and just tell from like, the first three notes that it's going to be your favorite? That's how I felt the instant I listened to this track from Wallows. If you dig early Cure, The Smiths, or Joy Division, you're gonna go hard for this. I promise you.

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