A perfect anthem for anyone who celebrated "anti-valentine's day" this year, Melody Federer released the Absofacto produced I Hate Love.

Texas-born/Seattle resident Melody Federer responded to a recent breakup with the much talked about I Hate Love and it may well be the sleeper hit that throws her into indie-pop stardom.

In this day and age, all most recording artists need is a social media following to ramp up their careers. In this case, Melody Federer has an amazing new song to offer that following!

It's a song about the emotions that follow the resolution of a relationship but if you have ever been through a tough one, this song hits home.

"I've been going through a bad breakup," Federer said, "Been trying to break it off but kept falling back into it. Finally, one night after an argument, he said or did something and I was just livid. I sat down at the piano and BAM! It just poured out. All the angst, confusion, and rage. I was crying at the same time. Funny how you can love and hate someone simultaneously."

Tik Tok users have been going wild this week with their lip-synced versions of the song. Here's one example.

@cassandrapapale5Pov: je probeert altijd je gevoelens te verstoppen maar als je je crush ziet,... ##foryou ##pov ib: @saracarstens♬ I Hate Love - Melody Federer

♬ I Hate Love - Melody Federer

Literally, tons of Tik Tok love this week! If you have the app, just search for the song.

"TBH, seeing all these kids singing my song is so surreal," she explains, "I've been writing songs for so long now. Always dreaming of the day I'd finally have one that resonated in a big way."

So, how did this future anthem for the heartbroken acquire the production skills of Dissolve hitmaker Absofacto? "Well, funny enough, on This Town, the song I put out last year, I got some press questions and one was, 'Who is your dream collaborator?' I put Gary Clark, Jr. and Absofacto," the singer continued, "He saw that and we connected. I would send him ideas but it wasn't until I was going through the break-up that I asked, "Would you wanna actually talk sometime?"

The two had a phone conversation and instantly felt like friends. She would text about the break-up and he encouraged her to put that raw emotion into music.

At this time, Federer also reached out to a producer friend, Nathan Barlowe, also Keith Urban's guitarist, for more guidance. The two put together a demo that Absofacto absolutely loved! "This is a hit but I hear the melodic line in the chorus and drums going like this..," explained the producer. He got together with friends, poured into it for three days with the hope to drop the track by Valentine's Day.

In the end, Federer responded, "Dream come true!"

I'm choosing I Hate Love as this week's Indie Song because I cannot get any part of the track out of my head! If I'm not singing it, I'm whistling it and that qualifies as a dang hit in my book!

Listen for the song on this Saturday's episode of Indies Only or check the song out now...

Connect with Melody Federer on Instagram, Tik Tok, and Facebook. You can also check out Indies Only this Saturday to hear what it sounds like on the radio!

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