The NFC and AFC Playoffs are taking place this weekend, and I could really care less! You see, my Chicago Bears finished the season with a HORRIFIC 3-13 record, so I pretty much checked out halfway through the season. And to make matters worse, two teams that I DESPISE, (New England & Green Bay), will be playing in their conference's respective Championship Games, for the opportunity to play in this year's Super Bowl. So, while a lot of My Buddies are watching the games at their favorite watering hole this weekend, I'm hanging out at The Linguini Casa, watching flicks all day on The Lifetime Movie Network! (Yes, go ahead and take away my Man-card, but I don't care....I LOVE this stuff!).

Don't get me wrong, I AM a Football Fan. However, with The Bears having such a LOUSY year, and our beloved Alabama Crimson Tide losing this past Monday Night, I am DONE with Football for the year!....Or, at least until April 22, 2017, because that's when THE A DAY GAME WILL BE PLAYED, and I CAN'T WAIT!

Let The Countdown BEGIN!....97 Days Until Kickoff!.....ROLL TIDE!!!

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