My home was robbed this week, and I quickly learned a lesson: when it comes to break-ins, I'm not the only one dealing with this nightmare. 

I can't thank y'all enough for the words of encouragement and support; your kindness has really helped me get through a difficult time. I received so many awesome messages and tweets--but I also heard from several of y'all who've gone through the same thing recently.

Isn't that awful? Everyone I've spoken with since Wednesday has mentioned a different robbery or break-in near Cottondale or East Tuscaloosa. It seems to be happening everywhere, which is terrifying and sad. A wonderful crew from the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Department responded to my initial 911 call Wednesday, and even they told me they've seen a lot more break-ins in our community in the past few months.

My advice is to make sure your home is protected. Do you have an alarm system? Our XFinity Home Security system tipped authorities off when the creep broke down our door. I'm so thankful for the piece of mind our security system provides.

I also suggest ensuring your cars stay locked. Keep the doors to your house locked, too--and stock up on an extra deadbolt or two. Consider adding floodlights to the exterior of your house.

And remember: these creeps aren't afraid to walk in to your house in broad daylight (that's what happened to us), so who knows what else of which they're capable. If you see someone acting sketchy in your neighborhood, call the cops!

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