We're less than a week away from the big day, and by now you've probably heard PLENTY of Christmas Tunes in the stores. I'm sure you have you favorites, so I thought I would share mine. So HERE are My Top 10 FAVE Christmas Tunes EVER!

(Drum Roll Please)...... 

10) Elton John: "Step Into Christmas" . This man was one of the biggest pop artists in the 70's. He, and his writing partner, Bernie Taupin, were a virtual HIT FACTORY. This song exemplifies their mad skills at work!

9) Dokken: "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town". It's no secret that I have a Deep LOVE for 80's Hair Bands. I've been a Hard Rock Guitarist in different bands throughout the years, and I still play guitar a couple hours a day when I'm not on the air. Dokken was a SOLID band in that Genre, and this GEM off of a 2000's Hard Rock Christmas Compilation is just a KILLER version of a Christmas Classic! So go ahead, and throw those horns UP! \m/

8) Hanson: "Silent Night Night Medley". Everyone remembers their hit, "Mmm Bop", and in the mid 90's, they were BIG!  But once Puberty set in, it was all over for them. However, they were able to record THIS stellar song before their voices changed.

7) Pretenders: "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas". Chrissie Hynde's melancholy voice and delivery is simply PERFECT here. And she pulls it off without ANY auto-tune! Try that one kiddies:-)

6) Dean Martin: "Baby It's Cold Outside". This song is The EPITOME of Deano!  As the story goes, there's a Lady over at his crib, and it's getting time for her to go home. But she CAN'T because Dean is SEDUCING her with his voice, his suaveness, and a little bit of scotch:-). By the end of the tune, The Lady is PUTTY in Dean's arms....YEAH BABY!

5) Clarence Carter: "Backdoor Santa". It's common knowledge that one of my favorite tunes of ALL TIME is Clarence Carter's "Strokin". So, a few years back when I found out that Clarence had recorded a Christmas Tune, of course, I was ALL aboard!  Clarence simply DELIVERS, because he's a Musical Man Beast! And the fact that he utters the famous Blues Phrase, "Lookie Heeah!" at least FOUR Times in this song, is an added bonus!

4) Elvis Presley: "Blue Christmas". Because it's THE KING! That's why he's on this list. "You're Welcome, You're Welcome Very Much" :-)

3) Wham: "Last Christmas".  Wham is one of my guilty pleasures, and George Michael was simply a Global Superstar! This tune has added meaning this year because it was Last Christmas day, that we lost Mr. Michael himself. R.I.P. Sir :(

2) Eagles: "Please Come Home For Christmas". This Band is in a league of their own. EVERY member of this band is an All-Star. This is just the PERFECT Christmas Tune!  I could listen to this ALL day.....and I HAVE:-)

And Finally, Number 1! (Drum Roll Please) Don Charles Presents The Singing Dogs: "Jingle Bells"How can you not listen to this song WITHOUT a SMILE on your face? It's impossible! Besides, it's MY Dogs' FAVORITE Christmas Song! In fact, they know all the words....:-)

That's IT! My Top 10 Christmas Tunes EVER! I hope you enjoyed it, and MERRY CHRISTMAS from Yours Truly, Big Noodle Lou:-)

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