Tuscaloosa and The University Of Alabama are mentioned in Two Radar Online Stories, which involves A.J. McCarron, Katherine Webb,and "The Other Woman".....

AND another one:

LL's Comment: It's obvious that this girl is looking for publicity. SHE's the one who spilled the beans to Radar Online in the first place about her sleepover with A.J.. And now she acts like it's no big deal? I'm not gonna pile on, (football pun intended), this poor girl....,,,She's already taking a beating in the comments section of the story. All I care about that this is NOT taking place during football season. Besides, A.J.is simply following in the tradition of Great Alabama Quarterbacks who were "players" on and off the field.........Namath!.......Stabler!........and now McCarron!......ROLL TIDE!!!

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