Overly aggressive drivers and never-ending road work make this stretch of Alabama interstate the absolute worst.

Y'all know what I am talking about: Interstate 20/59. It is, and I say this without hesitation, THE WORST.


I wish I could understand what it is about this stretch of interstate that makes all y'all forget your manners and basically every rule of the road, but I am at a loss. I can't even think of a single time I haven't been driving on 20/59 and saw something that made me think daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn.

The Redneck Autobahn, aka the portion of 20/59 that runs from I-459 to I-359 is BUCK WILD. I am a fairly aggressive driver and am freely admitting to you and the Alabama State Troopers that I speed often. I can't help myself, okay?

But when I am already doing 85 and have someone tailgating me so closely I can't see his headlights? Or have someone flank me and whip around/through six other cars to pass on the right?


I feel like a septuagenarian screaming at the youngin's to get off my lawn.

Oh, and let's not forget--let's NOT FORGET the other end of the spectrum. There's always some idiot going like negative six miles an hour in the middle lane. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?

And no one uses a turn signal or pays attention to any signage. Lane ends in 1000 feet? Why merge in advance when you can wait until the last second, cut someone off and start a chain reaction of people slamming on the brakes?

PLUS you have this free-for-all Mad Max: Fury Road crap going down on a stretch of interstate that will be under construction until Jesus comes back. No--scratch that: Jesus wouldn't be able to MAKE IT back because he, too, would be stuck in the bottleneck at Exit 76.

There was SO MUCH crap on the actual road last night that people were poppin' tires faster than I pop bottles at Rama Jama's bottomless mimosa brunch. How is any of this safe?

Hell is real, friends, and it is 20/59.

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