Another Tuscaloosa Halloween is in the books, see the photo gallery capturing some of the best costumes of the night! Plus, the winners of a combined $650 in cash at Rhythm and Brews in Tuscaloosa's Temerson Square.

The night started with torrential rain in the area, that passed and the crowds packed the bars downtown, dressed in a variety of costumes. There were plenty of girls dressed to impress in their "sexy" fill in the blank costumes. Zombies were popular this year too, on the heels of the continued popularity of AMC's 'The Walking Dead.' Clowns, vampires, and superheroes filled the night.

Marty McFly of Back to the Future was out and about, apparently deciding to stay in the "future." We knew it was a party, since the Most Interesting Man in the World was there!

Oh, one girl dressed up as the Energizer Bunny, and went the extra step of wearing batteries on her back, so everyone would know the costume. This is unlike what I did for our '80s party for Back to the Future Day. I had to go around an explain, I'm the 1989 bunny in 2015 who is old with white hairs now. Plus, I used stove drips pans for a drum. Anyway, nice job to the girl wearing the battery pack.

What would Halloween be without Michael Meyers? Exactly, he would win the singles costume contest and the $250 cash prize at Rhythm and Brews.

My favorite costume of the night, the CBS Sportscaster Verne Lundquist and Gary Daniels. The well known duo for calling SEC games, many of them being Alabama. The timing was great, since Verne and Gary will be in town to cover the Alabama and LSU Saturday night. I do like the surprise addition during the contest when someone dressed as Coach Jim Harbaugh of Michigan joined them. They would go on to win the $400 cash prize for the doubles contest at Rhythm and Brews.

See those great costumes and more in the photo gallery below.

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