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Britney Spears failed to receive an appeal that would remove her father from conservatorship.

For the past 12 years, Britney’s father, James Spears, has been in control of nearly every aspect of his daughter’s life – from her estate and finances to her professional career. Recently, the pop star has been trying to regain control through the court system. However, on Tuesday, Judge Brenda Penny of the Los Angeles County Superior Court ruled in favor of Britney’s father.

James’ conservatorship over his daughter began in 2008 after she had become notorious in the press for having public meltdowns because of a serious decline in her mental health. In an effort to get her life back on track, her father took control over her and has been her guardian ever since.

Britney’s attorney, Samuel D. Ingham III, told the judge during the court hearing this week that she was “afraid of her father” and refused to perform as long as he was still in control of her career.

Vivian Lee Thoreen, James Spears’ attorney, combatted these claims in court by arguing that James has not only run a near-perfect record in managing his daughter’s career but also got her out of debt and even turned her net worth into a whopping $60 million.

While Britney and her father have not spoken in a long time, her lawyer says that Britney deserves to be privy to the goings-on of her professional life, but her father has failed to provide that.

Fans of the pop star have vehemently protested this conservatorship and have even started the #FreeBritney campaign, which has been trending on both Twitter and TikTok recently.

Penny may have ruled in favor of James, but she did say she would consider future petitions for his suspension or removal, which Ingham fully plans on filing in future hearings.

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