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He just kept on running....

Alright alright, we know Forrest Gump isn't a real person. But some student (I'm guessing) had the heart to dress up as 'Run'n Forrest Gump' and go for a friendly jog in and around campus. In the movie he covered 15,300 miles and run across the country four times in four different stages across 420 days, besting the 15,248 miles.


When I was watching this transpire, I thought about the trails and tribulations that the fictional character was going through at the time he started running. Rejection, abandonment, betrayal and being belittled by the love of his life. Pretty deep scars if I had to tell yah.

Let this be a reminder, whatever 2020 throws at us in the next few months - just keep on going. During these hard and struggling times, think of Forrest. He just kept on going. When his buddy died, he lived his dream through him. When he was injured in war, he found a new hobby that kept his sanity and when he was sent back home from 'Nam he was ridiculed but kept on believing in the good of people and the common good of humanity.

I know these all are kind of goofy things to bring up during an actual pandemic with a election around the corner. Let the 'Running Forrest' remind you about always moving forward and keep the negativity in the past.

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