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Among Us is a game that has been sweeping the gaming community in this crazy year called 2020. It is a true story of going viral. Thanks to streaming websites such as Twitch, a relatively unknown game has become something that is ingrained in gaming culture.

The game itself is relatively simple. A crew of astronauts is trying to get home safely, buy their ship needs repairs before they can even think of getting home. Everybody joins a game under the pretense of being a crew-mate. Just trying to get home. But unbeknownst to all the other crew members, there is a impostor among them, trying to get rid of the entire crew.

It's your job as a crew-mate to get all tasks done, or as an impostor to be the last one standing. Add in that you have to be silent unless a body is discovered or an emergency meeting is called, and you have a recipe for a game with limitless fun.

We've played it here at the station outside of work, and it certainly has shown who is really good at lying, and who can sneak around successfully.
But the true stars of the game are the astronauts themselves!

These little guys or gals, are very customizable, and you even run around with a roll of toilet paper on your head. But recently, one of friends named Gail shared a link in a the group chat of something that I think many would enjoy.

It's a chance to design what you think you'd look like in Among us! And of course, I'm here to share the link with you.

Fair warning, getting to the customization might prove difficult, as the site itself is in foreign language, but once you get in, it's go time.

Of course, I shared the link with a certain weekend DJ named Savannah Bullard, and we both designed our Space Cowboys.


Personally, this is what we all should imagine the Pink Astronaut looks like.

And as for me...


Thought the Cowboy hat fit haha. Also...ignore the knife I was chopping vegetables.

And if you want to make one yourself, click right here!

Have fun...and be careful out in space among us...

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