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A message released by Taco Casa here in town via Facebook:

Some days are better than others and today was a great one. One of our longtime, hardworking employees was rewarded today with some of God’s grace. A couple of weeks back, a loyal customer had noticed that even though our employee had lost his means of transportation, that didn’t keep him from walking to work. So, our customer felt led to anonymously reward our employee with a fully paid for vehicle...that he surprised him with today. God is good. #tacocasa#tacocasattown#underthebiggestcactusintown

In today's age it so good to see that the world is still good and great people still exist.

Here is a quick video of the exchange:

This is the good stuff man. Whoever did this for this young person is an absolute saint. I bet you in the incoming months, the donor is will come out and make it known who they are and why they did this selfless act of compassion.

Here are a few people who I think did this:

  1. Mayor Walt
  2. Nick Saban
  3. Soapy Jones
  4. Greg Byrne

And those are my finalist who COULD'VE gave this hardworking employee at Taco Casa the brand new car.

During this crazy times of COVID-19 it's great to see some actual good news coming out of the Druid City.. Roll Tide and God Bless to the person who did this act of kindness.

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