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Coming to Tuscaloosa, I knew that BBQ is a big deal down here, people BBQ cook-offs, people have tastings, people make there own sauce and people lose their mind over it. BBQ is life, I get it. Each state and town has their thing. Hawaii has surfing, Nebraska has corn and Alabama has BBQ.

But in my eyes, the BBQ King of Tuscaloosa is a mysterious man that goes by the name 'Mr.Tee'. For 2 years now, I've been trying to find the identity of BBQ barbarian. He's known to go out on Friday and Saturday nights feeding the university students as if he were Saint Lawrence the patron saint of cooks and goodwill. He wears a captains hat (probably not a sailor) with a super bad ass suit. He reminds me of Katt Williams with twice the style and and 1/3rd the ego.

Whenever I see him, I shake his hand and buy three BBQ sammys with extra 'Mr.Tee Sauce'... I'm pretty sure it's Archibald sauce. But who cares..

With Covid-19 being a thing, tons of bars and restaurants are either closing early or out right closed. With that happening, I bet he hasn't had good business in the past 5 months. I bet you he's in the dangerous and notorious underground BBQ circuit thriving and preparing himself for the lifted restrictions so he can feed and help out the local drunks and the hungry here in the beautiful city of Tuscaloosa!

Roll Tide.

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