I wash my hair once a week--maybe twice a week at the most. Before you think I'm totally disgusting--hear me out: washing less has actually made my hair MORE healthy!

My hair is thin and naturally curly, which means I'm prone to breakage. I'm not a natural redhead, and even though I love my ombre locks the bleaching process can cause major split ends. I also end up blowing my hair out and using a Chi iron to flatten it nice and straight. This was something I used to do EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.


I couldn't figure out why my hair was always so brittle and why I had a bajillion split ends. My hair was oily on top and dry and damaged on the bottom. I tried a gagillion conditioners and leave-in oils and treatments, but nothing worked... until my hair epiphany.

When I was a preggo Meggo, I was put on STRICT bedrest for the last trimester of my pregnancy. The only thing I could do was get up to use the bathroom. It was scary stuff. I was also HUUUUGE and couldn't lean over the sink to wash my hair every morning so I just said WHATEVER and didn't wash my hair for weeks at a time.

The first week was kind of gross, but after about a month of once-a-week washing, my hair was THE HEALTHIEST it had ever been. I realized then that my hair wasn't just naturally dry and brittle--it was that way because of what I had been doing to it!

I still wash my hair once a week. Sometimes I'll go twice a week. I end up being able to go longer in between coloring sessions, and I have made an unbelievable difference in the life of my hair. In between washings, I use a dry shampoo to zap up any oil--my faves are Unite 7 Seconds Dry Shampoo, Batiste Dry Shampoo, and Suave's Keratin Essentials Dry Shampoo.

Use your dry shampoo BEFORE you go to bed so that it can work over night to clean your 'do. Brush it out in the morning, flip your head upside down and blast with hot air from your hair dryer--and BAM: looks as good as new.

I'll never go back to washing my hair on the daily again. Maybe I'm gross. Maybe I'm crazy--but hey, my hair looks good!

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