The April deaths of Shelly Darling and Liz Whipple has created a new awareness of electric shock drownings. And now, the city Of Tuscaloosa is taking steps to help prevent such drownings in the future.

A plan is being considered that would include mandatory dock inspections. That plan also includes launching a series of public safety announcements, and adding a full-time lake inspector to begin routine voltage inspections of docks that use electricity.

The April tragedies haven't been the only electric shock drownings at the lake. It is believed that is lake electrocution drowning was also the cause of death for Tuscaloosa orthodontist,  Dr. Eric Hughes, back in August 2015.

According to The Electric Shock Drowning Prevention Association, (The ESDA), "Electric shock drowning can occur in any location where electricity is provided near water but the majority of drownings have happened in public and private marinas and docks."

Therefore, if you're celebrating this 4th of July Holiday on the lake, please be aware of your surroundings.

For more on this story and some tips on how to help prevent electric shock drowning, read HERE

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