As you may know, when I'm not on the air, I'm usually playing one of my guitars. I've been a Rock Guitarist since my teens, and have played in many bands throughout the years. I consider it my "Serious Hobby". The amount I of satisfaction I get whenever I pick up one of my Axes cannot be described.....I simply LOVE IT!

As my friends and followers on Facebook have learned, normally before going on the air on Saturday Nights, minutes prior to "The Saturday Nite Regrind W/Louie Linguini", I like to pick up my Guitar, and engage in what I like to call my "Pre-Show Ritual Guitar Jam". This is simply to relax, and get my creative juices flowing, which playing the Guitar seems to do for me.

This past Saturday Night, in honor of the Extended 4th Of July Weekend, I thought it would be apropos to play my rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner".  I hope you enjoy it, and I hope that you have a Happy & Safe 4th Of July Celebration with your family and friends!

Happy 241rst Birthday, America!

Much Luv, Big Noodle Lou



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