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Who doesn't like Taco Bell?! Meat paste perfection put into a adorable flour tortilla then drowned in cheese for no reason at all. Why you ask? BECAUSE THEY FREAKING CAN AND IT'S DELICIOUS, SO SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP. Now that's out of the way, I'm the barer of bad news here. A few days ago Taco Bell announced a 'Menu Revamp'. So I was automatically excited to see what new food creation they have made for us.... maybe a 5LB stuffed burrito with a nacho cheese fondue fountain within the burrito for optimum cheese satisfaction. No. Quite the opposite. THEY TOOK THE FREAKING 7-LAYER BURRITO OFF THE MENU AND I'M SLIGHTLY MAD..NO.. I'M REALLY MAD ACTUALLY.

You might be saying "Tab you might be over reacting about a stupid cheap burrito at a national chain that doesn't help out your nutrition or health" Well you know what you're wrong. The 7-Layer Burrito represents my highschool experience in my eyes, while everyone was getting the expensive steak burrito with extra gold crested 24k chicken, I was getting the 99 cent burrito that would support and kill my appetite completely. Taking away something so simple and wholesome is like taking away a paint brush from the most wholesome person ever to live, Bob Ross. Rip baby. We miss you everyday.

That stupid burrito made me happy knowing that 99 cents could buy me my favorite meal growing up. Now it will be lost in the sands of time.

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